Natalie’s Wedding Day

Oh Nat.

Lightening in a bottle.

Sunshine in a glass.

A laugh that, even when you don’t understand what’s funny, makes you spit out your soda when you’re caught in the midst of it.

Fierce and dedicated Mom.

Loyal heart.

Kind friend.

I still have the voicemail she left when she found out I had gotten engaged. It made me stop and realize that even when you don’t speak to someone for months time can fall away as you share something joyful with one another.

She is by far one of my favorite people and today she is getting married.

Having Nat in your life is like roping a star and then sitting with a beer and a burger, toes in the sand, laughing by the light while catching up with a wonderful friend.

Oh Nat.

Happiest of Wishes to you.

As I write this it’s still really early and there isn’t yet a hint of light outside but, if I was a betting woman, I’d say the sun will be extra bright today.

And the world will feel just right.

To the bride and the groom
Who together will soon
Say I do to their fate
Nodding yes on this date

May they dance under stars
With their friends near and far
And kick off their new lives
Like the sweetest surprise

Arm in arm, hand in hand
By the notes of the band
Lighting up the whole sky
This groom and his bride

Cheers to you and Tony, Nat! Have some corn on the cob for me! :)

Love, Love, Love,