I Am Yours

There was up
And then
There was down
I reached to the heavens
Crawled on the ground
Mistakes they were mighty
Successes were few
I puffed up my chest
Too stubborn to move
I pushed at the wall
I leaned on the light
I stood on the track
About to take flight
Stuck in my shoes
I walked in my socks
I thought both inside of
Outside the box
Roaming the sidewalks
Scaling the mountains
Swinging from sentiment
Swimming in fountains
Not sure where to go
Or how to belong
The struggle I felt
When weak and when strong
I opened up wide
I closed myself down
I forgot about sky
Melting over and down
Questions they tumbled
Over highs and my lows
Answers arriving in dreams
And in prose
I was light
I was heavy
I was smart
I was moored
I was what I was
And now I am yours

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